Uglify Your Sweater!

Our main advice when ‘uglify-ing’ your sweater: “more is more”! While we really think anything goes in the decorating approach, we’ve played around with these sweaters quite a bit. We hope these tips help make your decorating easy, unique, and memorable. Be sure to check out our blogs for styling features as well!

We recommend you first decide on your overall design. An easy way to go is choosing a large iconic Christmas item and building your sweater around that centerpiece. Check out our favorite sweaters from around the web for inspiration here or go through our Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit fan gallery to get even more ideas. One main tip- Unless you're using the sewing kit, don't wait until the day of your party to make this sweater... it's best to let the glue and the glitter gel dry overnight!

Set-Up Tips:

  • Place a barrier inside of sweater to avoid glue sticking to the other side. Foil works great, flatten the box your sweater cam in, or use the cardboard stencils square in box packaging.
  • Think of your theme before you start gluing and/or sewing. Lay everything out on the sweater before making anything permanent.
  • Try on your sweater! It helps to stretch it out BEFORE you start decorating so when you put it on after you decorate it it's already been stretched.

Use Stencils to Cut Felt Into Shapes

Cut Gold Bead Necklace

  • The necklace provides a ton of versatility…you can cut it and place it around neckline, trim a tree, or add fringe.
  • It’s easier to out glue on the sweater first and then place the gold beads down.

Put Your Extra Christmas Decorations to Use!

  • Ribbon can be used to write out words or provide cheesy embellishments.
  • Bows of any shape and size should be tacked or glued onto your sweater—the bigger and tackier, the better! Add one to the back for a little unexpected ‘party in the back!’
  • Load on the ornaments, tinsel, additional bells, and holly!

Personalize! It’s Like Taking Monogramming to the Next Level

  • Find a funny photo of yourself, a friend, or a celebrity—anyone! Add it to your sweater to personalize it even further.
  • Add text with either puffy paint, pipe cleaners, or cut out the felt into letters.

Sew on Other Tacky Items!

  • The sewing kit allows you to take any (somewhat lightweight) holiday item and tack it onto your sweater.
  • Add a stocking as the centerpiece, even a reindeer stuffed animal.
  • A larger holiday item like a stocking, Santa hat, or wreath can fill a lot of space on the sweater making a big impact with minimal effort!

Add a Cheesy Collar!

  • Layer your sweater with a turtleneck (you can even just cut the neck/chest off for a dickie)… any color really, and bonus points if it’s a Christmas patterns.
  • Add a collared shirt- either cut off and sew to sweater or just wear it under as a layer. A plaid collar looks particularly amazing!

Add Shoulder Pads!

  • You can buy them at any craft store and most discount stores, or better yet go through your mom’s old blazers from the 80’s.

Light it Up!


  • While the sweater is the centerpiece, take it up a notch and fully commit to the tacky and cheesy theme by accessorizing.
  • Goofy glasses, hats, scarves, plaid pants, crazy socks, mittens, and whatever else you can think to pile on!